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At all times 

Advanced technology is used in Trackoko real time tracking and this makes it possible to locate a vehicle wherever it is, when needed. The GPS device sends a signal to an antenna which then sends this to a satellite and from there on the data is transferred to our Trackoko app. 

Satellites are located all around the earth, from pole to pole. This means that data can be transferred within seconds, no matter where and when the vehicle is located. 

Cost Effective 

One of the issues with having a large fleet is that it’s hard to monitor so many assets. It can be difficult to prove if a driver is being inefficient. A driver may be driving too fast or texting and driving. This can cost businesses a substantial amount of money. Policies and regulations can be put in place but if these aren’t followed, they’re useless. Trackoko products can help ensure that such policies are followed. The Trackoko device sends data which can be used to assess efficiency and based on these improvements can be made where necessary. Reports can be produced which can be used in improving the business. 

Safe Drivers 

Trackoko products help ensure the safety of drivers. This can also be achieved automatically by using the real time tracking device. For example, if a driver is not responding and has stopped for some unknown reason or if they have driven into a prohibited area, then an automatic alert can be sent out. This is where Trackoko devices really comes into play. Immediate assistance can then be dispatched. 

Make Assets more Effective 

Trackoko devices help you monitor your resources at all times. You would be able to know numerous aspects such as which resources are free, which routes are the best, what is the ideal speed, etc. Trackoko also helps you manage your resources more effectively. 

Customer First 

Business success depends upon customer satisfaction. In every business, customer satisfaction can be used to measure success. Trackoko will also help to increase customer satisfaction through accurate vehicle tracking. 

Trackoko Devices 

A major benefit of Trackoko devices is that it enables real-time tracking of each vehicle. This would be especially important in the event of an emergency. If there was an accident where help was required immediately, Trackoko would ensure help arrives.