Are you thinking about installing a GPS tracker for your fleet or business? Here’s some great reasons to use one.  Trackoko Automotive & Fleet trackers are easy to install in the vehicle.  If a vehicle needs to be left overnight at a location this can help with potential theft and its whereabouts if tampered with.  If theft does occur, there is easy access to know exactly where the vehicle is in a timely manner.  Our devices can also reduce insurance costs.  Trackoko products provide security and aid in staff using supervision.  If a customer requires an urgent pickup, you are able to see what vehicle is closest on our user-friendly app.  This allows your business to run more efficiently.  What better way to ensure the efficiency of your staff and monitor the unauthorized use of your business vehicles?   This can improve your customer service and business needs. With a Trackoko fleet GPS vehicle tracker your business will always be put in a position to succeed.  

To choose a data plan that is right for your fleet needs, refer to Data Plans & Subscriptions.