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When setting goals to exercise you need the FITOKO Smart watch. You can achieve personal goals by recording data such as exercise steps, calorie consumption, distance, time and heart rate. Get real time guidance to achieve your fitness goals.
The watch can recognize eight different activities. Walking, running, cycling, football, badminton, rope skipping, swimming and basketball.
This watch has a larger 1.3-inch large screen display. It is aluminum with a textured silicone strap. The wrist application has a built in timer, stopwatch, alarm clock and weather forecast. You can listen to music with a remote control while exercising with a Bluetooth headset.
The watch measures blood pressure and oxygen at anytime, anywhere. Provides real time blood oxygen zone, real time blood pressure monitoring zone and heart rate monitor. The HD display has a touch screen. You can access daily applications. This watch has multi sports modes.
The watch can support third party dials. You can set sedentary alarms. This helps keeps good rest habits. You can take pictures remotely. You can get reminders for incoming calls, text messages and apps with smart notifications. This watch provides sleep monitoring. It records the duration and sleep quality. It also records deep sleep, light sleep and overall sleep trends to improve sleep quality. The watch is waterproof. Not to be immerse in water such as deep sea diving or saunas. The watch provides built in professional sports data analysis and calculation mode, different sports modes and can adjust exercise intensity. The watch can measure accurate heart rate monitoring and allows you to discover any abnormal heart rate.
(This product is not a medical device and cannot be used for the medical purposes.)

Supports Android 4.4 -8.4
Battery capacity 200 mAh
Touch method: Full touch screen
Display : 1.3 inch TFT square screen

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