Trackoko devices were originally developed for children. However, increased demand for the devices from a completely different demographic almost immediately had clients reaching out. Trackoko customers began requesting devices and wearable’s for their elderly loved ones for them to be monitored at all times. Adult children of people with Dementia or Alzheimer’s wanted to know if the devices could be geared towards looking after their parents. Our new devices for seniors are wearable and not easily misplaced. A cell phone does typically have a GPS function. However, cell phones are easily misplaced or forgotten. Trackoko wearables are something a senior has on all day. Our pendants and watches are both a great choice to give care givers peace of mind.

Some senior will have no part of the assisted living conversation. They feel they are an independent adult. Assisted living facilities have groups and new rules that can be hard to get use to. The loved ones of the seniors are driven by worry and the senior wants to keep their independence. Trackoko products are a great compromise. The worried loved one can see on the Trackoko app the location of their loved one at all time. They can monitor their heart rate, mobility and be alerted if their loved one has fallen. Most importantly, Trackoko devices allow seniors to maintain their independents and many are able to stay in their home longer.

If given the choice, seniors will prefer a Trackoko device to an assisted living facility or being chaperoned by their children. They want to experience freedom but could become lost or confused. With Trackoko products, they need only press the SOS button found on most Trackoko seniors devices and they will be immediately connected to a loved one that knows their location.


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